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London Disinfection Services

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JDI Disinfection Services in London, Ontario

We Use Hospital Grade Disinfectants, like you could find at University Hospital or Victoria Hospital here in London. Whether we’re disinfecting a medical office or a more standard workplace, we have your company covered. Our disinfection cleaning services include offices, financial institutions, medical facilities, schools, and warehouses.

Regular preventative disinfection has several benefits such as reducing the risk of employee illness in your workplace. JDI offers both routine and customized cleaning schedules for businesses in London Ontario.

Our primary disinfection services are:

  • Sprayer Disinfection
  • Fogging Disinfection
  • Manual Touch Point Cleaning and Disinfection

We discuss these services in more detail below.

In a commercial cleaning service, you should look for 5-star reviews, a signed contract, quality service, structure within the company, eco-friendly cleaning options, and good communication.

People Disinfecting Together

Sprayer Disinfection in London, Ontario

Spraying technology allows a comprehensive surface coating with disinfectant-subsequently the microbial presence of bacteria, fungi and or viruses can be reduced. We apply spraying disinfection to areas including but not limited to locker rooms, porta-potties, food preparation areas, warehouses, machinery, public transport, public amenities, mailboxes, entryways, and outside spaces where applicable.

Fogging machine

Fogging Disinfection in London, Ontario

We fog with a broad spectrum of biocide to ensure a comprehensive treatment of open areas. Note that fogging alone is not 100% effective for thorough disinfection. Cleaning visible soil and manual disinfection are essential steps in this process. The fogging disinfection includes but is not limited to common areas, drinking fountains, kitchen fixtures, cafeterias, corridors, handles, etc.

Touch Point Cleaning

Touch Point Cleaning in London, Ontario

We focus on cleaning and disinfecting all touch points in your office including but not limited to door handles, light switches, drinking fountains, office equipment, thermostats, alarm panels, chair arms, tabletops, desktops, mailboxes, and high use vertical surfaces.

Anita - Branch manager's photo

Regional Director

Anita Elliott

I switched from a career in the Pharmaceutical industry to work under another JDI Territory Manager before staring my JDI sales career in London. This eventually turned into a purchase of my own JDI territory. My college training in Media and Marketing has helped me to reach out and meet new customers easily.

My Business Philosophy

To follow JDI’s proven system for creating customer satisfaction and build my team’s skills so they are ready when we expand into our next territory.

We Keep You Looking Your Best

JDI Cleaning also offers additional disinfection services:

  • Detailed Touch Point Cleaning
  • One time disinfection
  • Nightly regular disinfection program, touch point cleaning
  • Daily regular disinfection program
  • Full extraction Carpet Cleaning Program ( steam Cleaning)

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