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Disinfection Services

Person in cleaning suit disinfecting classroom

We Use Hospital Grade Disinfectants

JDI Disinfection Services

JDI Cleaning Systems and our franchise partners are offering preventive disinfection services for our current and new customers. Our franchise partners have been trained and have the necessary equipment to provide effective and high-quality cleaning services in this most demanding of times. The following are cleaning and disinfection services we offer: Sprayer Disinfection, Fogging Disinfection and Manual Touch Point Cleaning and Disinfection.

We are also offering the following additional services to help prevent the spread of viruses that can be added to your current service.

  • Detailed Touch Point Cleaning
  • One time disinfection
  • Nightly regular disinfection program, touch point cleaning
  • Daily regular disinfection program
  • Full extraction Carpet Cleaning Program ( steam Cleaning)

Person disinfecting a door handle

Sprayer Disinfection

Spraying technology allows a comprehensive surface coating with disinfectant-subsequently the microbial presence of bacteria, fungi and or viruses can be reduced. We apply spraying disinfection to areas including but not limited to locker rooms, porta-potties, food preparation areas, warehouses, machinery, public transport, public amenities, mailboxes, entryways, and outside spaces where applicable.

Person disinfecting an open area

Fogging Disinfection

We fog with a broad spectrum of biocide to ensure a comprehensive treatment of open areas. Note that fogging alone is not 100% effective for thorough disinfection. Cleaning visible soil and manual disinfection are essential steps in this process. The fogging disinfection includes but is not limited to common areas, drinking fountains, kitchen fixtures, cafeterias, corridors, handles, etc.

Person wiping down a door handle

Touch Point Cleaning

We focus on cleaning and disinfecting all touch points in your office including but not limited to door handles, light switches, drinking fountains, office equipment, thermostats, alarm panels, chair arms, tabletops, desktops, mailboxes, and high use vertical surfaces.

JDI Cleaning Systems

person disinfecting office desk

Office Disinfection

From small offices to large, multi-location corporations, JDI Cleaning can provide tailored Office Disinfection services that meet your specific needs.

Person disinfecting restaurant counter

Restaurant Disinfection

We use hospital-grade cleaning products and innovative disinfection techniques to ensure your restaurant meets all required standards for cleanliness.

Person disinfecting desk in classroom

School Disinfection

Our School Disinfection Services prevent the spread of illness, help you maintain a healthier educational facility, and protect your students and staff.

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