Local Franchise Partner

Local Franchise Partner

Thinking of becoming
A JDI local franchise partner?

Thinking of becoming
A JDI franchise partner?

For All aspiring JDI Franchise Partners, the most important thing by far is that you share our
Core Values:

Our Core Values

Our Core Values let us know what is working and what is not – but more than anything, they guide our own internal behaviour. They are the building blocks of our culture. We anchor ourselves on our core values to guide difficult decisions. Our goal is to ensure these core values are reflected in everything we do at JDI. We strive to make all people and business decisions based on these core values.

Help people shine

We are powered by people, so their potential is our priority. Great individuals are the first building block of our brand, so we embrace a coaching mindset company-wide

Dazzle Customers

No matter how big the job, brilliance always comes down to the details. Remembering a client’s special cleaning or security request- or maybe their birthday- is where we win. Our systems and clear communication help differentiate us.

Deeply Dedicated

It can take some elbow grease to remove a tough stain. We bring that same horsepower to all aspects of our work. We don’t stop until brands shine.

Local Franchise Partner Opportunity

JDI Cleaning Services provides a unique Franchise Partnership structure, with opportunities for aspiring business owners to either own and run a commercial cleaning business that serves their local community or own and build a cleaning business that serves a larger region. Our Local Franchise Partners have great flexibility in the size and complexity of the JDI franchise business that they wish to build. For some JDI Local Franchise Partners, they simply want to generate a modest amount of additional income for their families, and can achieve this by cleaning a small number of locations one to three times per week. For other JDI Local Franchise Partners, they wish to build a signficant cleaning business in their region, and end up hiring employees and/or subcontractors to clean while the Local Franchise Partner spends her time working collaboratively with their Regional Franchise Partner in recruiting and coordinating staff, staying in contact with customers, marketing the JDI brand and networking with local businesses to win more cleaning contracts.

Look to JDI to provide you with:

What areas are presently available to operate a JDI Local Franchise Partnership?

The following areas are presently available for operating a Local Franchise:

Includes Allendford, Chatsworth, Chesley, Collingwood, Georgian Bluffs, Grey Highlands, Hanover, Hepworth, Kincardine, Lion’s Head, Lucknow, Meaford, Mildmay, Owen Sound, Paisley, Port Elgin, Ripley, Sauble Beach, Southgate, Southampton, Tara, The Blue Mountains, Tobermory, Walkerton, Wasaga Beach, West Grey, Wiarton, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Grey / Bruce / Collingwood Region

Includes Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Hamilton / Burlington Region

Includes Aberfoyle, Brantford, Cambridge, Elora, Fergus, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Kitchener / Waterloo Region

Includes Ingersoll, London, Stratford, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, Woodstock, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

London Region

Includes Acton, Brampton, Caledon, Campbellsville, Georgetown, Milton, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Milton / Brampton / North Halton Region

Includes Beamsville, Dunnville, Fort Erie, Grimsby, Hagersville, Jordon, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Port Colbourne, St. Catherines, Smitchville, Thorald, Vineland, Virgil, Welland, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Niagara Region

Includes Mississauga, Oakville, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Oakville / Mississauga Region

Includes Etobicoke, North York, York, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Toronto West Region

Includes Chatham, Sarnia, Strathroy, Windsor, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

Windsor / Sarnia Region

Includes Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Regional Director for this region here: 

York Region

Check out these inspiring testimonials from current JDI Franchise Partners that traveled the same path that you are on now, and are now thriving JDI Local Franchise Partners!

"What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a JDI Franchise Partner?"

"What is the most rewarding part of being a JDI Franchise Partner?"

Okay… you've decided to start your own business, why buy a franchise vs. start a business from scratch?

This is a very personal decision. Some entrepreneurs want to create a brand from scratch. They have a unique vision for a new business concept that they are ready to build from zero. They do not feel they need any support, they are going to knock on doors to try to get their own customers. They are going to set up an accounting system, invoice customers, collect money from customers. They will set up and manage their own website and social media accounts. The will do their own advertising and marketing and implement their own customer feedback system. They will figure out how to get trained to do the work and how to train the people that they will need to recruit and hire….if this is what you want to do, then we genuinely wish you the best of luck!

If you want to run your own business but you think you’ll be more successful with a Partner that provides a proven brand, systems for sales, training, accounting, invoicing, marketing, business management and more, then you should consider buying an established JDI Franchise Partnership!

Here is a link to a really helpful quiz you can take to help you figure out if buying a franchise is the right decision for you:

"Why did you choose to purchase a franchise vs. start your own company?"

Okay, you've decided to buy a proven franchise business. It would be great to own a business that serves a growing market that tends to keep growing in all economic and market conditions…

Why commercial cleaning?

Over 30 years ago, the founders of JDI Cleaning Services – Joe Imbrogno and John Simpson – asked the same question! The great thing about commercial cleaning is that literally every single business that you walk and drive by each day is a potential customer! Every single building needs to be cleaned. For most businesses, it does not make sense for an employee to do their job all day (receptionist, sales person, financial controller, lawyer, truck driver, company president, dentist, doctor, etc., etc.) then at the end of the day, clean the office. They do not want to do it and it is not their job. This creates an amazing opportunity for cleaning service companies like JDI to provide a really important service to all of these businesses. And the great thing is that if we do a great job cleaning the space and communicating with the customer, we may keep this account for years!!! So, the answer to “Why commercial cleaning?” is that it is a growing, stable and very large market that is not going to be eliminated by technology or sent overseas.

Don’t take our word for it (we’re kind of already committed…), check out the numbers at this link for yourself:

"How did you decide on entering the commercial cleaning industry?"

Why partner with JDI Cleaning Services to Build your Commerical Cleaning Franchise Business?

Okay, you’ve made it this far. You have decided that you want to own a business, that is an established franchise brand and that it serves the growing, stable commercial cleaning market. Check ✔, check ✔, check ✔! Now…there are a whole bunch of commercial cleaning franchise companies that you can choose between.

Why is JDI the right one for you?

JDI Cleaning Services is different from our competitors. Rather than emphasize the number of franchisees in our system or the size of our business, we focus everything we do on our Core Values: Help People Shine, Dazzle Customers and Deeply Dedicated. If you believe in these Core Values and are looking for an opportunity to build a great business in partnership with us, we would love to hear from you!

"Why did you choose to partner with JDI?"

If these video testimonials don’t convince you, then check out what our customers say!!!

Code Green!!!
See what our customers said about us

The JDI Local Franchise Partner
Frequently Asked Questions

The JDI Regional Franchise Partner
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to own a JDI Cleaning Services Local Franchise?

JDI offers a range of plans designed to fit your individual objectives. Total cost to start a local JDI Local Franchise ranges $15,000 to $35,000 plus working capital costs.

How much income can I earn each month?

The income potential for your JDI Local Franchise business depends on many factors including the time you put in, how many customers you can serve, how well you serve these cusotmers, etc. We can share some real JDI success stories further in the process so you can get a feel for the income opportunity of a JDI Local Franchise.

Do I need to have cleaning experience?

No you don’t! JDI provides comprehensive cleaning and business management training to all Local Franchise Partners and ongoing training and development opportunities.

Do I need to have business management or sales experience?

No you don’t! JDI provides comprehensive business management training to all Local Franchise Partners and ongoing training and development opportunities.

Do I need to find my own commercal cleaning accounts?

No you don’t! JDI Local Franchise Partners can either find their own cleaning accounts or benefit from JDI’s home office marketing and regional marketing and sales resources so that they can focus on providing great cleaning and customer service.

Do I need to buy equipment?

New Local Franchise Partners will receive a complete cleaning starter kit as part of their franchise fee. Additional equipment and supplies will be available through JDI.

Can I keep my full time job while I start my JDI Local Franchise?

Certainly! It’s up to you! Many JDI Local Franchise Partners run their JDI franchise business to supplement income from another job.

Does JDI do background checks?

Yes we do. For the benefit of all new and existing JDI Franchise Partners we obtain, with your pemission, credit and criminal background checks from all prospective Franchise Partner candidates.

Does JDI provide financing?

No we do not provide financing. However, we have relationships at several Canadian banks that are famililar with the JDI Franchise brand and we can make introductions for you.

Do I need to have my own corporation for a JDI franchise partnership?

Yes you do. Prior to comencing your JDI franchise business you must have a corporation. Your corporation will be the Local Franchise Partner to JDI Cleaning Services.

How do I apply for a JDI franchise partnership?

We hoped you would ask!!! Please fill in the information below. A member of JDI’s Franchise Development team will contact you at the phone number or email address that you have provided to arrange an introductory chat.

Okay, you've made it this far! It's clear you are really interested in the potential of becoming a JDI Cleaning Services Local Franchise Partner!

If you have read through everything so far and are interested in learning more about the opportunity, we have a presentation from our Vice President, Anita Elliott, providing you with an overview of JDI Cleaning Services, including our history, proven business model, the market, the Local Franchise Partner Opportunity, costs and our Franchise Partner Qualification Process.

Interested in learning more about the JDI Local Franchise Opportunity?
Check Out Our Overview Presentation Video Below and reach out

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