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Disinfection Services in Brampton, Ontario

Book Disinfection Services in Brampton, Ontario with JDI Cleaning Services for experienced commercial cleaners and amazing results. JDI Cleaning Services is committed to public health and safety, which is why we use hospital-grade cleaning products and innovative disinfection techniques to prevent the spread of illness. We provide tailored disinfection solutions for Offices, Restaurants, and Schools.
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Meet Your Regional Director
Meet the team
Juan Arboleda, Paola Montoya

Juan and Paola have experience in the cleaning industry as JDI Local Franchise Partners which has given them a unique perspective on customer service and maintaining excellent customer relations – which are the keys to successful contracting. They have been Regional Directors in the Milton Brampton region since 2017 and in 2020 decided to take on the Mississauga Oakville region. Juan and Paola love what they do and strongly believe that communication is the key to success in the cleaning industry. Using JDI’s proven system and model to increase customer satisfaction and help them achieve their goal of maintaining long-term customer satisfaction.

JDI Core Values and Me

Helping People Shine
Juan and Paola help people shine by having strong communication, outstanding customer service, and always striving to interact and build long-lasting relationships.

Dazzling Customers
They follow closely the JDI standards in always maintaining a high quality of work and strong attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction with every clean.

Deeply Dedicated
Although Juan and Paola are dedicated to following the JDI system, they know that this is only the first step. They are committed to prioritizing JDI in their work and providing consistency in order to achieve their goals. In order to do this, they must be willing to put in the extra effort to plan and organize their work.

Why Choose Us For Disinfection & Sanitization?

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Public Health

We believe that a clean workspace is a safe workspace. We deliver a safe and sanitary environment in which our clients’ staff will thrive.

Team Productivity

Our innovative and intensive technical training programs motivate our cleaning staff to provide consistent and committed service.

Customer Satisfaction

We don’t simply meet our customers’ expectations, we exceed them. By continually improving our methods and services.

Professional Disinfection Cleaning

  • Sprayer Disinfection

    When we spray with disinfectant it applies a surface coat to the desired area that reduces the microbial presence of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • disinfect_icon02.png

    Fogging Disinfection

    Our cleaners fog with a broad spectrum of biocide to ensure complete treatment of open areas. Cleaning all visible soil and manual disinfection of areas are essential steps in this process as fogging alone is not 100% effective for thorough disinfection.
  • disinfect_touch.png

    Manual Touch Point Cleaning and Disinfection

    We focus on cleaning and disinfecting all touch points within your office which includes but is not limited to office equipment, door handles, chair arms, and high-use vertical surfaces.
Learn More About JDI Cleaning Services

Disinfection of your workplace is important to protect the health of you and your employees. By disinfecting areas that are commonly touched on a scheduled basis, it can prevent the spread of viruses. JDI’s professional disinfection services can eradicate more germs and viruses than traditional cleaning methods.

JDI’s Commercial Disinfection Service includes detailed touch point cleaning for offices; sprayer disinfection for high-traffic areas; and fogging disinfection for open areas.

Yes, we only use hospital-grade disinfectants that have been given a drug identification number (DIN). This means that the disinfectants have been established as effective and safe for their intended use.

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