Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction work leaves behind a lot of debris, dust, dirt, excess materials, and tools. After a construction project, it is important to thoroughly clean the site to ensure crew member safety and to prepare for the next stage of the project. Post-construction cleaning can be a daunting task that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Take the guesswork out of post-construction cleaning by following the steps below.

Review The Clean-Up Project

Before you start cleaning, review the site to identify the extent of the work required. This should include determining what areas need attention. Take inventory and check to see if anything is broken or missing. Ask yourself if there are areas with excessive dust or debris, or if there are any other hazards that could result in trips or slips. Take note of any issues that need addressing and pinpoint areas that need additional work.

Prepare The Site

Preparation is key to a successful cleaning project. This means removing any large debris before starting the cleaning process. Once the site is cleared of any large debris, bag up loose material, and dispose of it safely. Next, shut off any electrical systems and turn off the water supply. Make sure the appropriate safety signage such as “Do Not Enter” signs are up and visible to prevent people from entering off-limits areas. 

Plan The Post Construction Clean-Up Strategy

Once you have reviewed and prepared the site, create a cleaning strategy. A good cleaning strategy should consider the specific challenges of the site and the nature of the mess. Establish standard cleaning protocols and develop specific checklists for each zone. In the plan, be sure to identify hazards that could complicate cleaning, and develop methods to mitigate those risks.

Safety First

Safety should always come into play at each level of your post-construction cleaning plan and implementation. It’s extremely important to make sure the team members involved are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary protective clothing and equipment. All team members should understand the task at hand and be clear on each level of the cleaning plan. Hazardous areas should also be visibly marked to prevent injury.

When in Doubt, Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Post-construction cleaning can be quite an extensive process requiring a significant amount of time and labour. As such, consider engaging a professional cleaning company experienced in post-construction cleaning, that has the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the task efficiently. Hiring a post-construction cleaning crew helps take the guesswork out of your site cleaning and ensures nothing is missed or overlooked. 

Whether you decide to embark on a post-construction clean yourself or hire an experienced commercial cleaning team, make sure you review the site, prepare the area, plan your cleaning strategy, and always make safety your top priority.


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