An Exciting Peek Inside Our Latest Local Franchise Training Program

[Burlington, ON] – JDI Cleaning Services, Canada’s next-level commercial cleaning franchisor, is excited to announce the successful completion of our latest comprehensive local franchise training program. Held the week of June 10th, the sessions were tailored to equip our franchisees with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to deliver top-notch services while upholding JDI’s mission to help brands and people shine.

“We are powered by people and our brilliant local franchise owners are the heart and soul of our mission to help brands shine,” said Anita Elliott, President of JDI Cleaning Services. “At JDI, our franchise owners are paramount. We are continuously fine-tuning our systems, support, and procedures to help our franchisees not only excel in their business but build a solid foundation for themselves and their families.”

A standout feature of the training was the dedication to excellence and knowledge sharing from our Training Managers, Juan Arboleda and Paola Montoya, who collectively have over 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry.

The feedback from our new Local Franchisees has been overwhelmingly positive.

Clarence shared, “The training was fantastic. Our training team shared so much knowledge with us. I really enjoyed how they shared real-life scenarios with us, and how to overcome obstacles should we come across them when in the field.”

Rania said “I really enjoyed learning about and getting hands-on experience with the carpet cleaner. I also now have a newfound love for window cleaning!”

Andreea,  said “I really enjoyed the atmosphere of training. Our training team and fellow franchisees made the learning experience that much better.”

As JDI Cleaning Services continues to expand across Canada, we remain dedicated to providing ongoing support and development opportunities for our franchisees. This latest training program is just one example of how JDI empowers its network to achieve excellence and build thriving businesses.

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About JDI Cleaning Services:

In 1992, a small but powerful idea took root in Ontario—a vision for a commercial cleaning service focused on creating pristine business environments that elevate the overall experience of every person who steps inside. This vision led to the inception of an innovative commercial cleaning company: JDI, originally standing for Janitorial Design & Innovation.

From the beginning, JDI was different. We went beyond traditional cleaning to craft affordable, customizable, and highly effective cleaning programs designed to boost company morale, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. At the same time, we aimed to elevate the lives of those who worked with us. Each element of JDI was built on a foundation of core values emphasizing quality, customer satisfaction, and respect for people—both our customers and franchisees.

Today, over 32 years later, JDI Cleaning Services stands tall as one of Canada’s leading commercial cleaning service providers. We proudly serve clients across Canada, supported by 11 Regional Franchisees and over 165 Local Franchisees. Each member of our team is a passionate professional, committed to delivering reliable and consistent cleaning services that go above and beyond expectations.

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