Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Commercial cleaning is defined as the professional cleaning of spaces by cleaners with specific training. Offices, healthcare facilities, childcare spaces, groceries, and retail spaces are examples of locations that contractually hire Commercial cleaners.

Depending on the cleaning service, there may be significant overlaps in what a Janitorial service and Commercial cleaners offer. Some services may all be available through both industries. The difference tends to lie in the complexity of the job and the scale.

  • sweeping
  • mopping
  • sanitation
  • surface cleaning

JDI Cleaning Services provides both Janitorial and Commercial cleaning services all throughout Southwestern Ontario.

A Commercial cleaner provides higher variables of cleaning, such as sealing and waxing hardwood floors. Professional Commercial cleaners have the resources to send as many people as necessary to make sure a space is cleaned within the time frame set out for them.

In contrast, Janitorial services handle regular cleaning but may lack certain resources to handle large-scale, involved cleaning services.

While it’s possible to schedule a Commercial cleaner at any time, Janitorial services are typically available as daytime cleaners. This makes Janitorial services ideal for places that are particularly prone to spills, such as schools or government offices. Core staff is left to attend to their roles rather than cleaning.

Commercial cleaners have flexible schedules, and can frequently offer Janitorial services on top of their regularly scheduled cleanings; however, if you’re looking at a company that only offers scheduled Commercial cleaning, you’re looking at limited availability throughout the day. Janitorial services will be available throughout the day, but as we’ve mentioned they have a limited scope.

The Difference in Responsibilities Between Janitors and Commercial Cleaners

Both a Commercial cleaner and a Janitorial service can be hired from a third party, but Janitorial services are also frequently hired in-house. This makes them employees of the properties they clean, with wages and benefits to reflect that. If your Commercial property is unable to sustain that arrangement, it may be beneficial to consider a scheduled Commercial cleaner and handle immediate messes as they happen.

Consider your Commercial property’s capacity and budget when deciding between regular in-house Janitorial services, third-party Janitorial services (frequently offered by Commercial cleaners), or regularly scheduled cleaning. While regular staff may free up everyone else to prioritize their jobs, a custodial staff is an investment that must be carefully considered.

The Best Choice for Your Business

The difference between Janitorial services and Commercial cleaning are in the available services and their scope, the time of day during which the cleaning is performed, and the amount of responsibility and support of the cleaning staff.

It’s important to do your research when considering a cleaning service for your Commercial property. There are several areas where Commercial cleaning and Janitorial services may overlap, but once you’re sure of the schedule you want, the services you need, and the resources at your disposal, you’ll be ready to decide what sort of cleaning services to pursue.

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