The ‘What If’ Interview Series with JDI Cleaning Services Franchise Owner: Wendy of Milton

Wendy of Milton


When we’re young, most of us do not know which direction our work lives will take. Often a personality trait steers us, but sometimes it’s a nickname that your dad gives you, like Big Brains. So, maybe it was a combination of these things that made banking feel like a natural destination for Wendy.

She went to work at the Federal Bank in Zimbabwe, but she realized she had an adventurer’s spirit over time. And so, at the age of 28, she travelled to another warm place across the ocean that had big Texas accents.

She finished her schooling in finance but by this time, married with children, romantic notions of a former geography lesson filled her head. She dreamed about a land where trees lost their leaves during the winter season, and fresh buds magically arrived in spring. So, Wendy packed up her Texan barbeque, her husband and family and moved to Southern Ontario.

She and her family fell in love with the area, but after ten years of commuting two hours every day to and from her Ontario banking job, adventurous Wendy knew she was ready for one more new thing.


JDI Cleaning Systems Franchise Owner Wendy of Milton with her husband and BBQ


What if Wendy had decided to keep commuting? Well, she would likely still be the hardest working mortgage specialist in Milton. But luckily, she met a friend who inspired her to buy her own franchise business.



Jade /SmartWebPros: How long have you owned your JDI franchise?

Wendy: I’ve had my JDI franchise for just over three years. I have always been business-minded; in school, I imagined I might be a lawyer one day. As the oldest of four children, I often helped my mother take our family vegetables to the market, where I helped set up the vegetables, and sell them.

Ha, Zimbabwean mothers can be drill sergeants; my sisters, brother and I had household chores that had to be done correctly, and she made sure we did.


Jade /SmartWebPros: What is the best thing about working with corporate JDI?

Wendy: I got my franchise in May; by July, I had my first cleaning contract! Juan and Paola help me get my cleaning contracts and they take the pressure of most of the paperwork away from me. My first contract was a distance away in Vaughn, so I decided to hire people in that area. By August or September of 2018, I felt like I had an authentic business with two actual employees. A little over three years later, I now employ six people.


JDI Cleaning Systems Franchise Owner Wendy of Milton with her family at Disneyworld

Jade /SmartWebPros: What is the one thing you have splurged on since becoming a business owner?

Wendy:  Our family loves road trips, so we celebrated my new business by driving down to Walt Disney World in Florida. Every Thanksgiving, we pack the car and the kids, put on some R&B tunes and go to a cottage in the Muskoka’s. I’ve brought my mom and dad here for extended amounts of time that allows them to experience Canada’s seasons with their grandkids.


Jade /SmartWebPros: What has surprised you most since taking on a franchise?

Wendy: People have negative thoughts about franchises, e/g. the fees. Even with those considered, I never thought that within the space of one year I would have the success I have had. It has provided my family with financial freedom and more time to spend together as a family.


Jade /SmartWebPros: What have you learned about stepping outside your comfort zone from a regular salary?

Wendy:  With some money saved, and a new possibility opened up to me, I allowed myself to imagine a different reality and then I made it happen.


Life is all about learning to be a better human and adapting to change. And there is no better way for Wendy to show her kids that it’s sometimes a stumble instead of a smooth road to get where you want to be.  

If you would like to embrace your own what ifs, look at the many ways to learn more about starting your own franchise business with JDI Cleaning Services.


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