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Do clean windows make a difference to your business success?

office employees in a sunlit office
April 16, 2021 9:10 pm


Feelings of gratitude, better sleep practices, and improved physical health are inextricably connected to our exposure to natural sunlight. Highlighting an outdoor view improves business too.

It is of profound importance, not only to have windows in a business or office but that they are as clean as possible, the cleaner the window, the brighter the workspace and, therefore the emotions of those around.


Tens of thousands of years ago, our homes, our domiciles, were caves; places of group protection from the daily grind of the then open-concept and very scary, outdoor, mastodon-filled offices. Our Neanderthal ancestors spent as much time at their office then as we do at ours now.

The positive psychology of natural light and our need for more of it in our lives is tied to our earliest civilization; connecting our ancestors’ feelings of belonging and self worth to their activities of group survival during daylight hours. The deep emotional benefits born from those thousands of years of exposure to daylight will continue to carry forward; however, time will tell whether the current fact that we now spend 90% of our day indoors will affect future evolutions.

For now, it is well researched; the results from a sleep clinic study found people whose work environments included windows reported better sleep-wake patterns (longer sleep duration) and fewer physical ailments.


It is April 2021. We cannot even cautiously say we are in the home stretch of our pandemic, and boy, do we ever need some brightening of our feelings.

When we drive through the city watching litter blow against an abandoned storefront with dust for windows, it is hard even to have overcast feelings, let alone bright ones.

One of the first things we turn to when attempting to make ourselves feel better, is cleaning our surroundings. It helps us psychologically demonstrate positive control, an act not only for us; but also, for visitors who might have reason to judge.

Our confidence and optimism for a bright day ahead are evident in a clean home or workplace.


Some squeaky-clean window facts:

  • The farther away your employees are from a bank of windows, the higher the priority to keep the windows clean: There are good reasons public schools of the 60’s and 70’s had huge expanses of windows. It was important for children to have a backdrop of wistful cloud watching for their soul brightening daydreams. Even while at work with our heads down for most of the day, it is fabulous to clearly see the outdoors. The number one perk for office workers is accessibility to a view of the outdoors.


  • Psychologically, success is partially smoke and mirrors: Clean business windows help to tip the balance of belief; customers trust the perceived success of a business that is consistently clean. Windows, a shiny floor, and dusted surfaces do help people feel good in your space. First impressions are the most important ones.



  • If good feelings abound for a customer or an employee while they are in your space, there is no room for negative feelings: Why take the chance for an unfavourable assessment by letting it all get a little dirty?


  • Remember the assumption made earlier in this post about the business with tumbleweeds and ‘dust for windows’? A clean storefront or business that appears to be well-managed will be less likely reconsidered for criminal intent.


  • Professional commercial cleaners clean more than your business’s windows. An office or commercial cleaning service makes good sense.

JDI Office and Commercial Cleaning Services do cleaning, right.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are our specialty, allowing everyone to enjoy your clean business space. Contact us or visit our website. It’s easy because we have many locations all across Ontario.


This post was written by Jade Brown

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