How to Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Company: Follow These 6 Tips

What’s the best way to find the right cleaner to clean a business? Trusting your cleaner is the greatest feeling so you can do other work. Janitorial services should be reliable, have eco-friendly cleaners, be consistent, hardworking and honest.

If you’re a property manager, business owner, or business manager, you already have many jobs. Finding the right commercial cleaner is made easier by using a few great tips.

Commercial Cleaners are available for many types of facilities:

Any business requires the experience of professionally-trained cleaning staff. After all, you’ll provide the key to your business after-hours; that alone can cause concern for anyone looking for a commercial cleaner.

Historically, business owners created a cleaning schedule for their employees; carpet vacuuming, window washing and floor mopping. However, all the cows will come home, of their own free will, before that will become a reality again.



Tips from the pros at JDI Cleaning Services on how to choose the right commercial cleaner:


  • The first impression the cleaning company puts forward during your interview will count for a lot.

Isn’t the desire to put forth a great first impression for your potential and existing clients, in fact, the reason you’re looking for a professional cleaner? Cleaning, more than some other professions, is very much about appearances.

‘Small actions occasionally convey a much bigger picture’ – Joseph Imbrogno & John Simpson. The New Insiders Guide to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company – JDI Cleaning Services™


  • Ask the cleaning company for referrals.

It is hard to judge a cleaning company from their website alone since any company can request good stock images and a great website design. Online reviews will help; google their company name and to see them all. Ask for 3 referrals of businesses similar to yours in type and size. Then follow through with phone calls, or better yet, a visit to their businesses.

Ask the business owner two questions: Did they do everything that was expected? Is accessibility and communication easy? The answers should provide you with helpful information.


  • It’s crucial that you ask the cleaner specific questions.


  • Does the business have general liability insurance?
  • Is the staff covered under Worker’s Compensation?
  • Do they own their equipment? Never assume. They are less likely to keep up regular carpet cleaning or floor waxing (as examples)
  • Do they have many trained staff to take over in the case of inevitable sick days? (With JDI’s franchise network, this is never a problem)
  • Ask them how to wax and strip a floor. How many coats of new wax are applied? How do they shine a concrete floor?
  • What products do they use to adhere to your eco-friendly and natural cleaning needs?



  • Can the cleaning company convince you that their staff is sufficiently dedicated in their role?

An owner may be wholly convinced that their company can provide what you need. However, there is another way that helps you feel the company is invested.

It lies in the idea of using franchisees. JDI’s franchisees have literally ‘bought into’ the ideals and mission statement promoted by JDI. They themselves are invested business owners. Often franchisees employ family members, so no one wants to let the team down.

‘JDI uses a team approach. Customers are introduced to the actual franchisee that will be doing the work, by the JDI Regional Director for your area.’ – Joseph Imbrogno & John Simpson. The New Insiders Guide to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company – JDI Cleaning Services™

JDI’s franchisees tend to live in the communities they work in and are therefore fully invested in their communities.



  • Is the cleaning company experienced in the type of cleaning you require?

The smaller the company, the less likely they are to have much experience cleaning different types of facilities. You do not want them to be learning on the job while charging you.

Specialists will have their own equipment so they have any required tool on hand.

JDI services your unique requirements by choosing the franchisee based on their skillsets. We provide specific training courses available for all of our franchisees.




  • Security and trust; you should feel comfortable with your cleaning custodian.

Your cleaners are as important to you as your business partner. Leaving your keys with a custodian requires they safeguard the keys and keep unauthorized personnel out of your building.

This training should be part of a commercial cleaning company’s system. Safety and chemical training to protect themselves and prevent accidents and is crucial. It’s all about the training.

JDI’s franchisees are educated on how to avoid circumstances that might put their honesty or integrity into question. Our priority is always to provide you peace of mind.

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Read about a rewarding franchise opportunity or visit our YouTube series here. Read our recent What If’ blog post: about a franchisee’s road to becoming a successful business owner.


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