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Brampton Commercial Cleaning Services

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Commercial Cleaning in Brampton Ontario

Keeping a clean and sanitary business space is a key and significant obligation for all businesses today. Past giving a sound and safe work environment for your employees, the cleanliness of your business space is an impression of your business for your guests or customers. JDI Cleaning Systems has been a pioneer in the business cleaning industry for nearly twenty years providing everything from floor cleaning, to window cleaning. Our group of trusted and exceptionally prepared cleaning experts ensure quality commercial cleaning services without fail.

Janitorial Services in Brampton Ontario

Maintaining a clean and safe work environment for your employees and customers is a major responsibility for business owners, and at JDI Cleaning Services we are here to take on that responsibility, while you focus on running your business. Our janitorial cleaning services are arranged at an on-going basis, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, to keep your business clean and presentable.

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Office Cleaning in Brampton Ontario

JDI proudly boasts over two-decades of office cleaning experience in the Brampton area. We have refined our office cleaning processes over the past 20 years, working with businesses to develop a custom cleaning program to meet their unique, individual needs. Our office cleaning services can be arranged on an on-going basis, including disinfection services to ensure your employees have a safe return as you safely head back to the office.

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Disinfection Services in Brampton Ontario

At JDI, we understand that a clean and safe work environment is ever evolving and requires a more effective disinfection type of clean throughout these demanding times. We currently offer preventative disinfection services to businesses in Brampton. Our preventative disinfection services help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and can be added to our commercial cleaning services. We currently offer 3 methods of disinfection: manual touchpoint disinfection, sprayer disinfection, and fogging disinfection. Each disinfection method provides the same end result, but one method may be better suited for your workplace environment. Your JDI regional director will work with you to determine the disinfection method that will be most effective for your business.

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Regional Directors

Juan Arboleda & Paola Montoya

Our experience in the commercial cleaning industry as a JDI Cleaning Systems Franchisee has given us a unique perspective on customer service and maintaining excellent customer relations – which are the keys to running a successful Janitorial Service. We also trained professionally in accounting and administration at the college level from our home country of Colombia.

Our Business Philosophy

JDI Cleaning Systems created a proven system and model designed to increase customer retention. Each franchisee can lend their own management style to the company with the ultimate goal of meeting their client’s commercial cleaning needs.

We Keep You Looking Your Best

Our Commercial Services

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Programs
  • Green Cleaning
  • Customized Carpet Care Programs
  • Sanitization Services
  • Touchpoint Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Strip, Seal and Waxing of Floors
  • Window Cleaning

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