Should a Realtor or Real Estate Developer Use a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service?

If you’re a realtor or a real estate developer, you know the value of a first impression. When it’s time to sell or lease, more money in one’s pocket is the preferred outcome; choosing an experienced commercial cleaning service creates comfort by ensuring a great first impression for your property.


Every industry is competitive, so it makes sense in high-stakes efforts that as little as possible is left to chance. Impressing clients means showing them the potential that a home or commercial development holds for their future.

JDI Cleaning Services is fully insured and bonded with over 140 franchise locations across Southern Ontario. As a result of our intensive training programs and ongoing support and operational systems, we have provided exceptional customer service and top-notch professional cleaning since 1992. Read more about us here and see the long list of industries that commercial cleaning systems serve.


Three reasons real estate developers, realtors, and property managers benefit from a professional commercial cleaning service:



  1. Controlling the outcome is guaranteed. 

Do not rely on the homeowner or property tenant to clean your property prior to a prospective client showing. Homeowners are often in a hurry, and their superficial clean may not meet the standards of a discerning prospective buyer or lessee.

Your time is precious and rescheduling an unknown cleaner or checking up on their cleaning results takes time and energy that is better spent on higher-value activities. A poorly cleaned building will cost you money.

Help sell or rent your property faster and for the highest price by adhering to a higher standard of cleanliness, setting your property apart from competitors, and elevating the quality of tenants or buyers attracted to your real estate. Hire an established and professional commercial cleaning service to get the job done well.


  1. The photographer will also not be cleaning.

Excellent photos sell a property. If renovations or construction work has been done, a thorough cleaning will highlight the best features of your property.

In our article, Why Post-Construction Cleaning Projects Deserve Canada’s Next-level Commercial Cleaners, read more about JDI Cleaning Services’ post-construction cleaning services.

Contact a JDI Cleaning Services franchisee in your area to arrange your cleaning project, and remember to provide enough time for your photographer to capture your brilliant property after it has been cleaned.


  1. There is no need to second guess your property’s potential or reduce the price. 

Choose a relationship with a professional cleaning service insured and bonded in the event of an incident. By doing so, you’ve put in place every assurance you’ve done everything you can to maximize the property’s financial potential and provide no reason for buyers to ask for a discount at closing.

Cleaning used to be a cost. Now it’s an investment. A clean property attracts quality clients and staff. Property managers and real estate developers understand that attracting quality tenants is dependent on the quality of work completed on the property by a high-quality team. Meeting the expectations of a high-quality workforce results in higher income potential. Professional commercial cleaners can use green cleaning products to respect clients and the environment.


Selling or leasing a property requires attending to the details to make a noticeable difference. JDI Cleaning Services ensures you are dazzled with our brilliant cleaning services, always available to fit your schedule.


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