Why Post-Construction Cleaning Projects Deserve Canada’s Next-level Commercial Cleaners

New structures are part of all busy city landscapes, and while the busyness is welcome, putting a project’s best foot forward is crucial for its success. A team of professional cleaning specialists benefits all types of post-building construction projects, whether it be multi-level condos, business towers, low-rise mixed-use buildings, barns and agricultural buildings, or housing renovations.



Commercial developments deserve like-minded professional commercial cleaners

No matter the size of your construction project or the scope of your construction-clean, you can rely on JDI Cleaning Services, the leader in Ontario’s commercial cleaning industry, whose purpose is “helping brands & people shine”.

  • Our professional cleaning teams are equipped with efficient, specialized equipment for whatever the job requires for commercial post-construction cleaning. 
  • We are happy to provide interval cleaning services during the course of your construction or renovation project.


Benefits of a post-construction cleaning service:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Time savings
  3. Happy community and neighbours
  4. Environmentally green cleaning
  5. Care is taken with your newly installed surfaces
  6. Our final result reflects the professionalism of your project 


Cost savings

Construction site cleaning is part of promoting a successful project. Efficiency and thoroughness are worth the cost. Since 1992, JDI Cleaning Services has effectively created systems that save our clients money.


Time savings

An experienced post-construction cleaning company will bring together the project’s finishing aspect faster than another’s. We’ve invested in the proper equipment to achieve fabulous-looking results in a timely fashion.


Put your project’s best foot forward in the community

Hiring a professional cleaning service will help assure the neighbourhood sees your building project as a benefit to the community and one that everyone can celebrate.


Put your green foot forward with a CleanGreen program

JDI’s CleanGreen Program saves you money while minimizing product effects on the environment and promoting green standards for your building. 

Following the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards laid out for New and Existing Buildings, JDI Cleaning Services has set the bar high:


  • All franchisees and their teams are certified to use Green Seal and EcoLogo products.
  • These products haven’t any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • New HEPA filtered vacuums and chemical-free floor scrubbers.
  • To protect our drinking water and aquatic life, care is taken with construction debris and liquid chemicals to keep it out of drains and storm sewers.
  • Pressure washing may be needed for renovation or post-construction final cleaning.
  • Efficient and experienced procedures since 1992 equate to skilled and money-saving post-construction and commercial cleaning.


Care is taken with your newly installed surfaces 

Professional cleaners use the right equipment and products in the correct way to ensure each surface is cleaned carefully. Our franchise owners are trained to understand how to clean a myriad of surfaces without causing damage of any kind.


Our final result reflects the professionalism of your project

Our franchisees’ skills and competence mean your cleaners are as proud of their involvement in the project as you are of yours. Cleaning is our forte, where we and your project shine.

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Run a better business with brilliant cleaning services.



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