What is Meant by a Commercial Cleaner – What Do Commercial Cleaners Do?

If you are considering hiring cleaning services for your business, you may wonder what a commercial cleaner does. Wikipedia states, “Commercial Cleaning Companies are contracted to carry out cleaning jobs in a variety of premises.” What cleaning services should you use for your business? 


A commercial cleaning service provider has specialized and professional training in everything involved with cleaning a commercial business, no matter the kind, maintaining and perfecting commercial cleaning industry standards. However, because commercial cleaners do not require licensing in Canada, you must make a considered decision when deciding on a professional commercial cleaning company.

Here are just some of the crucial standards the Canadian government describes for cleaning your business’s spaces here.

It often makes financial sense to hire a well-seasoned and organized commercial cleaner, especially where first impressions matter.


There are so many different types of businesses that require commercial cleaning services:

  • Universities and colleges for their student move-outs
  • Daycares, schools, colleges, and university general cleaning
  • After-construction cleaning of building-projects
  • Real-estate and property management properties
  • Medical, dental, and doctor’s facilities
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Manufacturing or industrial facilities
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Banquet centres and event venues
  • Government facilities
  • Retirement residences, retirement homes, nursing homes, or long-term care facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Malls and plazas
  • Movie and live theatres
  • Fitness, sports facilities and arenas
  • Auto garages

Commercial cleaners are also known as janitors or custodians; however, commercial cleaners have gained a wider cross-section of clientele in most cases.

Experienced commercial cleaners are the group that stepped up to disinfect and stop the surface spread of COVID-19 in our public places, ensuring at least one kind of transmissibility was kept in check.

Commercial cleaners are at the forefront of green, ecological cleaning, although stronger disinfectant cleaning may be necessary for particular facilities.


University and college move-out cleaning

University and College moveout cleaning

During the spring and fall, college and university dorm and student residence cleaning are a primary focus for commercial cleaners. Staying a step ahead is the key to cleaning hundreds of units. Professional management and preparation are key to meeting the required time frames or last-minute additional cleans. Contact JDI Cleaning Services here.






Post-construction cleaning:

Condominium construction

This commercial cleaning service is crucial for every building project, often referred to as after builder services or after construction cleans. Whether the construction of a thirty-storey condominium or low-rise retirement home renovation, first impressions of the finished product mean everything. Choose a professional commercial cleaner for detailed work in all the corners.






Real-Estate Investment professional cleaning:

Real Estate Investment Rentals

Real-Estate developers, property managers and investors, such as Real-Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have high expectations and require a consistent level of service across all of their properties.

Only decades of experience and the organization of a trained professional commercial cleaning company will properly serve major real-estate owners with the confidence and responsibility required. JDI Cleaning Services is a committed commercial cleaner for many Ontario based Real-Estate companies.





Commercial cleaning franchise system:

You might ask, how does a franchise-based commercial cleaning system help a business owner?

JDI Cleaning Services created its franchise network in order to allow hardworking people to realize their dream of business ownership. The fact is, we’ve watched the franchise experience create pride of accomplishment for franchisees and therefore higher value for you.

The corporate assistance with management, sales, and training promotes an invested business ownership, and because of this successful program, you, the client, benefit as much as the franchisees. JDI is the commercial cleaning leader in Ontario, with further, planned expansion throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada.



Medical facility cleaning:

Interior of Contemporary Dental Office

All of JDI Cleaning Services’ approximately 150 franchisees have specialized training in disinfection services,  meeting the Ontario government’s Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections in all Health Care Settings.

Since its inception in 1992, JDI has aligned itself with countless healthcare facilities throughout Ontario. As such, you are a crucial component of our success.

We are excited to continue our franchise expansion to service your medical practice no matter your Ontario location.



A commercial cleaning company’s reviews and reputation:

Google review button

A determining factor for any successful business is its online reviews and reputation. In 2022, Canadian statistic company, MooseReview, gathered reviews & people statistics:

91% read at least one review. 73% only value reviews from the last month. 52% choose businesses with more than four stars. 74% try to avoid digital advertising.

JDI is committed to providing superior service to our clients and providing outstanding support for our franchisees, managers, and employees. See JDI Cleaning Services Testimonial Page.



Warehouse and industrial cleaning:

Janitorial and commercial cleaner differences JDI

A clean warehouse ensures a safe work environment and promotes a productive mindset. By introducing a scheduled cleaning service, your investment is prioritized.

Your warehouse cleaning schedule is based on: how many exterior doors are left open, whether forklifts that introduce dirty air and floors are used, and your employee cleaning schedule. A customized cleaning program is part of all commercial contracts.





Banks and government facilities cleaning:

Man at cash machine

Since 1992, JDI Cleaning Services has been a trusted commercial cleaner for government facilities and institutions. Creating the best first impressions is key to government institution cleaning. Spotless cleaning, spotless criminal records, and integrity are fundamentals for all businesses, especially for our front-facing government institutions.

Particular requests, custom schedules, and documentation are familiar aspects of this cleaning service.





Office cleaning – big and small:

Doctor office

Ensuring a safe working environment is critical to your employees. Depending on the size of your office, you may need a different level of commercial cleaning service; from basic cleaning to full sanitation services.

Window and glass cleaning, blinds and curtains, carpets, floor waxing and buffing, and upholstery cleaning are just some of the office cleaning options. Eco-friendly cleaning services are a popular choice.





Daycare, Montessori, and educational facility cleaning:

Daycare & School

With consideration for concerned parents and students alike, classrooms, washrooms, desks, walls, floors, lockers, or cubbies must maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Children’s daycares, Montessori schools, public education facilities, colleges, and universities require professional cleaners with flexible schedules and proper training in eco-friendly cleaning services.





Commercial cleaning – Spring clean-ups

Cleaning a Window

Spring clean-ups or yearly deep-cleaning is a necessary aspect of owning a business. Generations of people have aired out and deep-cleaned homes and businesses from top to bottom. Spring-cleaning may be coordinated to inventory taking; downsize and liquidate unwanted items, then schedule a professional commercial cleaner to finish the space.


We are an Ontario-wide company of integrity-focused cleaning professionals; JDI Cleaning Services has provided superior cleaning services since 1992.

Call us or email to learn about the different cleaning packages to fit your business needs.


Documents cited:

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Public Health Ontario acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Government.

© Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2018


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