Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning? (Hint, It’s About More Than Just Cleaning)

An eco-friendly way of cleaning is one that is effective while respecting the world’s environmental systems. You might be surprised to learn that one eco-friendly commercial cleaning company includes disposal of and utilization practices of the cleaning substances as part of their green business motto.


While we wait for our world’s leading countries to employ the larger changes necessary to address the concerns of the world’s environmental state, JDI Cleaning Services is leading the way as the environmentally friendly, commercial cleaning company.

With over 140 franchise partners in every major city in Southwestern Ontario, you’ll find a commercial cleaning company you can feel good about using, near you. Contact us online for a commercial cleaning quote or call our head office toll-free number at 1 (800) 567-5091 to be connected with a conveniently located franchise partner.



Known for our professional, hospital-grade commercial disinfection services, JDI Cleaning Services carries out this way of cleaning in an environmentally sensitive manner. 

Proper disposal of the cleaning materials, eco-friendly usage of those cleaning materials and solutions, and minimizing electricity consumption (such as using a non-electric carpet cleaning machine) are all crucial components to being called an environmentally-friendly business as well as utilizing approved green products.



It is on a fine wire that an environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning company must balance. 

It’s not easy being green, especially in today’s world, and especially for a successful commercial cleaning company. Every one of our incredibly dedicated franchisees goes through our rigorous commercial cleaning training and has available to them, seven days a week, unconditional support of the JDI regional and home office teams to help ensure them of the correct processes.

Many people may frequent your workplace with chemical and scent sensitivities. For that reason, as well as an overwhelming acknowledgement toward green practices for the sake of our world’s health, eco-friendly cleaning is a large part of all cleaning, performed by JDI.

At the same time, we must ensure our clients of their requested green cleaning’s effectiveness. Read more about various cleaning services available for your business.



“Every product, if a medicine, food, or cleanser, is derived from a plant, fungi, mineral, or microorganism. All contain natural chemicals, so the term natural cannot mean chemical-free. 


The terms green or eco-friendly are the accurate ways to describe products where choices have been made to limit damage to nature’s eco-systems.” Please read our article, ‘Is Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Effective?’



Show your environmentally-conscious clientele and employees that your company cares about them and the environment.

Promoting your business’s eco-friendly practises is a win for your business. Most people also see it as a forward-thinking movement. Competition for clients is stiff, and employing healthy choices steers more people in your direction. JDI Cleaning Services follows the Canadian government regulations for use of cleaning products and is constantly moving toward less packaging and concentrated cleaning chemicals.

Green cleaning companies lessen their services’ impact on the world’s environmental systems while providing effective cleaning. Limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has a positive effect on people. Prioritize your staff and customers with sensitivities to help to reduce headaches and respiratory concerns if you choose our green commercial cleaning option.


JDI Cleaning Services has been a commercial cleaning company specializing in best practices, high customer satisfaction, and high-quality cleaning standards since 1992. See our client testimonials; scroll to the bottom, click their logos to read their reviews, and give us a call.

“We would love to show you how we shine.”


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