Is Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Effective?

Every product, if a medicine, food, or cleanser, is derived from a plant, fungi, mineral, or microorganism. All contain natural chemicals, so the term natural cannot mean chemical-free. The terms green or eco-friendly are the accurate ways to describe products where choices have been made to limit damage to nature’s ecosystems.


According to ‘Scientific American’ the most toxic chemicals to humans are completely natural!” Their article further explains that synthetic (created by humans) chemicals, in many instances, therefore have fewer harmful components than their natural counterparts.

It is common for people to have sensitivities toward refined or synthesized chemicals and natural products. Even so, it may be more advantageous for staff and visiting clients to interact with green or eco-friendly cleaning products that remove more toxic chemicals and are usually fragrance-free, a big concern for sensitivity-prone people.


John Simpson and Joseph Imbrogno founded JDI Cleaning Services in 1992. With innovative and intensive technical training programs, their cleaning staff is motivated to provide Ontario’s highest quality and committed cleaning services.



JDI Cleaning Services promotes green products for the health of our clients, workers, and the environment.

Our green products effectively remove stains, clean carpets and hard surfaces in your commercial setting. In as many cases as possible, non-VOC and non-perfumed cleaners are used.

We’ve learned that the term natural cannot be equated with chemical-free. Instead, the terms green and eco-friendly mean choices have been made to limit the damage to nature’s ecosystems: its earth, plant, and animal systems.



JDI Cleaning Services provides both green and hospital-grade cleaning disinfectants that have the necessary chemicals.

Chemical amplification of cleaning products is known to safeguard against bacterias and microbes, stopping their spread. These parameters are crucial, especially in the healthcare field, and you may be bound to these rules. JDI Cleaning Services has been Ontario’s preferred healthcare setting commercial cleaners since 1992.

Our franchise system ensures responsibility and unmatched pride of business ownership, making us your reliable commercial cleaner. Contact us today at the number below, with your specific needs and requirements for your facility, whether it be:



TouchPoint Cleaning: Door handles, light switches, office equipment, thermostats, alarm panels, chair arms, tabletops, desktops, mailboxes, and all high-use vertical surfaces are hand touch-points that are cleaned every time we visit.

Fogging Disinfectants: Fogging alone is not 100% effective for thorough disinfection. Visible soil cleaning and manual disinfection are essential steps in this process. The fogging disinfection includes but is not limited to common areas, drinking fountains, kitchen fixtures, cafeterias, corridors, handles, etc.

Sprayer Disinfectants: Spraying technology is applied to locker rooms, porta-potties, food preparation areas, warehouses, machinery, public transport, public amenities, mailboxes, entryways, and outside spaces where applicable. The presence of bacteria, fungi and or viruses can be noticeably reduced.


If something is said to be natural, it doesn’t mean it is not a chemical, cannot kill germs or even other living things. It also does not mean it doesn’t have addictive chemicals.

  • We are regularly warned against eating certain fungi or mushrooms for their poisonous effects.
  • The very natural seeds of a poppy flower’s genetic makeup are a chemical that strongly affects humans’ and animals’ nervous systems. Refined as opium, it has killed thousands of people.
  • According to the FDA site, tobacco contains addictive nicotine and toxic chemicals in its truest form. There is no such thing as safe, natural tobacco.
  • In the same way, the chrysanthemum flower’s chemical derivative is touted as a harmless natural mosquito fogging control. It kills all vital insects (not just mosquitoes), hard and small soft-bodied animals, including frogs, butterflies and is very efficient at negatively affecting humans and other animals’; unsuspecting dogs, cats and ground animals’ nervous systems.
  • In a related topic, according to Nature Canada, who brought together anglers, Indigenous people, scientists, and conservationists to find solutions, “…genetically engineered organisms have unintended consequences for wildlife, humans, and the world’s eco-systems.” The chemicals disperse into our ground and water systems.


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